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Ruby and her friends are campers at “Courage Camp,” but this is no run-of-the-mill camp in the woods where you go to get away for the summer.


The cabin names at this camp are fire, water, earth, night, sky, and even the “unknown." This camp is where youth with audacity come to fight a court that is led by a king. An endless war that has been battling for as long as everyone can remember, where the youth are dragged through the mud.


This battle is not just about the fight, it's about proving themselves. Throughout the story, they travel to places searching for the truth, but they must fight the urge to give up. They must preserve and survive until the end of the summer. As the first battle at camp is about to begin and change their lives, they must keep one thing in mind; “No one wants to die…”

Release Date: 6/26/2023

Pre-order and secure your early, signed, first edition copy. 

You can complete your order via the Google Form link below. Payment is available via PayPal, Venmo, physical check, or buying directly from the author.

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